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This event has already ended.
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Thank you for your service to our state through Cooperative Extension's State Advisory Council. We will have another short meeting next Tuesday, August 4th at 2pm via Zoom since in-person meetings aren't looking feasible for a while.


Your chair, Dick Fisher, and I discussed the following agenda. If you have things you'd like to add or edit, please let me know. The summer meeting is typically a transition time for leadership roles, and I'll have more to share on that subject Tuesday.
* Update and Q&A with Dr. Bonanno.

* Survey Results and Discussion of Implications.
* Group discussion for input on strengths of SAC and needed changes.

Connection info:
Jeanine will send connection information directly to you. The Zoom software allows you to use your computer, smartphone, or even a landline to call in, and I'm happy to help you practice between now and then, just give me a call.

Elephants in the room:
The conversations I've had with several of you hint at systemic issues of communication and, frankly, the council not functioning like it is intended. I will work hard to fix that and I need your input next week. There will be another short survey after the meeting to grab additional ideas you have on making our Advisory Council what it was meant to be. I'm still getting my feet under me on this project, so if this is the first you've heard of this meeting I apologize; it was broadcast in the minutes and on the survey, but I'll keep working on consistent and clear communication with you.

Aug 4 Tue